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You didn’t go into business justto be good

You didn’t go into business just
to be good

No doubt you’ve built a good business. But as your team and business has grown, your momentum has started to slow down a bit. You’re busy keeping clients happy and doing a good job, but you know your client experience and business more broadly could be better. While you’re full of ideas as to what to do next, you need to find the best ones and execute them.

We know what it feels like to be working really hard but knowing your business isn’t growing as much as it could and should be.

You started your business to be ‘great’, but you’re just not quite getting there.

Businesses like yours who care about their clients should be growing strongly, getting referrals left, right and centre and being financially rewarded for the difference that they’re making. I get it and I also believe the world needs more passionate and caring businesses like yours to succeed.

For the past decade, I’ve helped dozens of teams like yours to turn ideas into action. To consistently raise the bar of their client’s experience and build a highly successful business on a foundation of loyal, profitable clients. Having worked in Financial Advice businesses my whole career, I understand what you do, how you do it and most importantly, how you can grow.

We’re committed to helping you grow so you can stop feeling like you’re just ‘spinning your wheels’ and grow your business on a foundation of happy, profitable clients.

A diagnosis of your client experience
A 90-day action plan
Weekly accountability

The process is simple; we’ll start with a diagnosis of your client experience to identify where your client experience should be improved to best support your growth. From there, we’ll create your first 90-day action plan to improve your client experience and business. We’ll also be in touch weekly to ensure you and your team stay focussed and don’t lose momentum.

Once you schedule your intro chat, you’ll have taken the first step in building the business that you know is possible.

I believe you can make a bigger difference to the people you serve and that businesses like yours deserve to be as successful as they can be. Now’s the time to head in a new direction and find another level for you and your team to perform at. To make your business more profitable and successful by taking your client experience to another level.

Schedule your intro chat and let’s get started.

Awards & Recognition

Our 90 Days Step-By-Step Process to Build Your Outstanding

Client Experience

Raving fan clients and a highly engaged team are the common features of the world’s most successful businesses, and helping Financial Advice businesses achieve these things is at the core of everything we do at Human to Human.
We have a number of ways to help you build a remarkable and scalable Client Experience, get everyone in your team to spend more time on your business (rather than in it) and bring on more new clients.


Without an outside eye, it is impossible to see our blind spots. In our Client Experience Audit, we draw insights from your clients, team, business metrics and our direct observations to ‘paint a picture’ of where your Client Experience is strongest and where it can be improved to support your growth.


The digital world has changed everything, but there’s still nothing like the experience of face to face time. We will work directly with your team to create a bigger vision of what’s possible, harness your great ideas and co-create a plan for future action.


Ideas are great, but implementation is EVERYTHING. Through our ongoing coaching, we work directly with your Financial Advice team to keep you clear on, and accountable to, an agreed plan to create raving fan clients, directly implement some strategies for you and give gentle (and not so gentle) nudges on other tasks and projects as required.


Michael Back

Despite the noise and distraction in our industry right now, Michael believes there has never been a better opportunity to grow an advice business. But even though innovation is everywhere, it’s hard for businesses to know where to start and what does and doesn’t work. This ultimately means advisers get stuck doing the same things year on and year, with their businesses not growing as strongly as they should be.
The great businesses in our industry know how to unleash their team and technology to create profitable, strong and satisfying client relationships and through his presentations and workshops, he will help your advisers’ businesses grow, one human interaction at a time.
Michael is a regular commentator in industry media and his work was recognised by ifa Magazine as their Marketing Consultant of the Year at the 2019 ifa Excellence Awards.

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