CUBES: Cheese + Dijon Mustard + Celery Seeds

What a strange combination of words to see on a restaurant menu. Intrigued, my wife asked a waiter to clarify the dish.

“Ahhhhh, they’re like… cubes of cheese”.


The owner of the restaurant then comes over to take our order and we casually mentioned these mysterious Cubes again.

“Oh, you HAVE to try these. It’s a Flemish delicacy. My mother-in-law is Belgian and grew up eating this. We decided to add it to the menu in her honour and everyone raves about it!”

We ordered it, we loved it and now we have officially joined the list of Cube Ravers.

Most purchases are designed to provide the buyer with a feeling and the story the buyer tells themselves about what they’re buying helps create this feeling.

So while what you’re selling is important, the story you tell your market about what they’re buying can’t be understated. It shapes how they feel, and is often the difference between whether they buy it or not.

Are you selling a financial plan or a way for your retiree clients to live a guilt-free life of pursuing their hobbies, enjoying campervan adventures, and spoiling their grandkids?

Are you selling a cup of coffee or a moment of peace and quiet in the middle of someone’s hectic life?

Are you offering a Social Media network for professionals or a way for people to expand their brains and their businesses?

Know what you’re ACTUALLY selling and make sure your team do too.

(And if you’re keen to try a Cube for yourself – head to Muse in Noosa)

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