Little Things Can Have BIG Impacts

I was shocked this week to get an email marketing shout out from one of my favourite bloggers, Peter Cook from Thought Leaders.

But this isn’t a humble brag post.

You see, the reason I got the shout out was because I thanked him last year for the great work he was doing. At the time, I assumed he didn’t need my feedback… that he already knew how great he was. I thought my email would have been one of dozens of similar emails he regularly received, forgotten by the next day. It wasn’t until this week that I realised the impact that comment had on Pete, and I’m so glad it made a difference.

The Moral of the story – little things can have a big impact. And just because you don’t see the pay off immediately doesn’t mean you haven’t made a difference, or even changed someone’s life. Everything we do in life and business, big and small, has a flow-on effect we may never see or understand.

What little act of gratitude or kindness do you have the opportunity to share with someone today to deserves it and doesn’t expect it?

(and if you want the ideas in your head to have a wider and deeper impact, I highly recommend subscribing to Pete’s email newsletter:

Michael Back runs a coaching business, Human to Human, helping advice businesses stay relevant and grow through better relationships with prospects and clients. Michael was named as the Marketing Consultant of the Year at the 2019 ifa Excellence Awards.