See the Problem as an Invitation, not a Frustration

If something in your business is annoying you and no one else seems to care about it as much as you do, it’s likely that it’s because they can’t see this problem with the same clarity that you can.

This unique situation you are in provides you with a powerful opportunity.

You have options here:

1. Given only you can truly see the problem, you may just be the perfect person to solve it. You will need to do research, have conversations, spend time and make mistakes. But the chances are that this is 100% solvable.

2. If you don’t have the authority or ability to solve it, perhaps you need to get better at painting a vivid picture of the problem you see to the person or people who can create this change

Regardless of the issue, you’re coming up against, you probably have more power to create the change you seek than you currently realise. And that change will help you build skills, knowledge and experiences that will perfectly equip you for the next challenge you see. Change by change, your superpowers will arrive and emerge.

Both of these paths will be challenging, but if you’re motivated by personal growth and meaningful impact, the juice is worth the squeeze.

Perhaps a new career direction or fresh path within your company awaits you by turning that frustration you’re currently feeling into something positive for you & the people around you.