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Our ‘plug and play’ OKR toolkit has everything you need to embed the OKR system, clarify your focus, engage your team and consistently implement your most important priorities.

For a limited time, you can upgrade to our full OKR toolkit for only $397 (save $200).

Why your business NEEDS
our OKR System


Your business will prioritise the right ideas

You’ll stop getting distracted by ”shiny objects by having a framework which helps you filter out the wrong ideas so you can ímplement the right ones.


Your business will

Business improvement and growth isn’t about ‘silver bullets’. It’s about making great decisions, consistently over time – this system will give you this consistency and growth.


Your team will become more valuable

Do you ever get the feeling your team are capable of more? The OKR system will take your team outside their comfort zone, grow their experience and drastically increase their value to your business.

Our toolkit includes:

Introduction to the OKR System

Our crash course in what the OKR system is, how it works and why it matters. This is the perfect resource to announce the new system to your team and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Team Survey

Get a rounded perspective on what your team is struggling with and where your business should improve. This process will give you all the intel you need to set your quarterly business targets.

Quarterly OKR Workshop Cheatsheet

Step by step process and tips for running your quarterly OKR workshop, ensuring you commit to the right actions for the right reasons with complete buy-in across your team.

Examples of Key Results

Don’t reinvent the wheel, copy what the best financial advice businesses are already doing. This is our comprehensive list of what can be measured as part of your annual and quarterly business planning.

Monthly OKR Meeting Cheatsheet

Our meeting process and agenda will keep your business on track and your team accountable to your action plan, reinvigorating your commitment to business improvement each month.

OKR Tracking Spreadsheet

Track your critical business numbers and clarify your action plan with this powerful template. This will capture the who, what, when and why of your business building activities.

Business leaders who love our OKR system…

Andrew Van De Beek

This allowed me to sit back and see my team come to life with ideas on how we can make a positive impact on our prospective clients. I was able to hear perspectives from others that often doesn’t come when the leader asks the same question.

Candice Staadecker

Incite Wealth
When you map out the journey to success it gives you clarity on where you are going and a purpose around why you are going there. Having these tools is absolutely paramount to growth.

Adrian Patty

XY Adviser and Advice Revolution
It brings conversations up that need to be had… it will help you re-inject the right energy back into your business to achieve your business goals.

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