The Limitations of Video Meetings Reminder

Some things that video meetings have made easier

– Working from home

– Working with colleagues and clients outside of your local area

– Finding a suitable time to meet people

– Holding and recording meetings and presentations

– Bringing visual aids into meetings and presentations

– Wearing Ugg Boots to work

Some things that rarely happen over video

– Agendaless catch-ups where we get to know our colleagues on a personal level and strengthen our relationships and culture

– Powerful, direction-changing conversations that arise from giving and receiving undivided attention

– Unscheduled chats where we bounce things around, make ideas better and help solve important problems

Video meetings are an effective way for you and your team to do what you know you need to do.

But face-to-face contact helps spark unpredictable moments of connection which make our lives and businesses better.

Don’t let the convenience of remote working stop you and your team from creating the most important stuff.