Why Everyone Needs a Coach in Their Life

Because we don’t know what we don’t know

Because it’s better to find someone who has solved the same problems before

Because it’s better to avoid a problem than to be forced to solve it

Because success leaves clues, and coaches see more of those clues than we do

Because sometimes we need to outsource our belief in ourselves to someone else

Because it can be too easy to deprioritise our own dreams

Because our emotions can cloud our judgement

Because our judgement can cloud our emotions

Because making a commitment to being better sends a strong message to our inner selves that we’re worth committing to

Because small changes often make a big difference

Because sometimes we need a little external accountability to find the energy to show up

Because we’re a social species and are programmed to achieve more together

Because genuine listening is rare

Because there aren’t many judgement-free spaces in life

Because action creates answers

Because answers create action

Because we sometimes need someone to reflect our own ideas off

Because we have most of the answers already… but it’s important to see them in the light of day and try them on for size

Because you can’t read the ingredients when you’re inside the jar

If you’re struggling in any part of your life, it may be time to find the right coach for you.

[I’m going to keep updating this list over time. I would love you to add any other ideas you have in the comments below 💡]

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