If Applying for Industry Awards Feels a Bit Icky, This Post is for You.

It seems to be ‘award season’ at the moment with a bunch of different groups calling for nominations for their particular ‘list of lists’ or ‘night of nights’.

If applying for industry awards feels a bit icky and self-serving, this post is for you.

We choose restaurants via Michelin Stars, ‘Chef Hats’ or Google Reviews and while these pieces of intel are obviously subjective, they influence our behaviour and start to tell us a story about the place we’re thinking of eating. They help us decide what to do.

And it’s no different with your prospective clients, customers or employees. They are full of self-doubt like everyone is and are looking for reassurance. It’s likely that you winning an award will give them more comfort to include your business in their future and if you’re doing great work, which I assume you are, this is a win-win for both of you.

So if applying for awards feels a bit like blowing your own trumpet, perhaps this decision is less about you and more about the people your business impacts. It’s about that nervous prospective client becoming confident enough to engage in life-changing work with you. Or that existing clients feel justified in their decision to stay on the path and keep working with you. Or even that future employee who is choosing where to share their talents and spend the majority of their life each week.

If your business is already making a positive impact on people, winning awards will help you create more of that impact.

Being the best-kept secret in your corner of the world benefits no one.

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