My Best 10 Tips to Help You Get More Google Reviews

⭐️ Whether you are looking to release the handbrake on your marketing, or lift your (overworked) team’s morale, Google Reviews are a SUPER IMPORTANT consideration for a modern business ⭐️

I’ve seen dozens of businesses drive more website traffic, generate more quality leads and increase their conversion rates, all off the back of Google Reviews. You are being stalked online every day and whether your online presence is making people say ‘they look promising… tell me more’ or ‘meh’ is largely a function of what your Google reviews say.

But business growth aside, I can’t tell you how motivating it is for non-client-facing team members to know that all of their hard work is being appreciated by clients and is making a difference.

You probably have a team of stars, so let’s help them feel that way


1. Run a teamwide Google reviews competition (e.g. where the 25th and 50th review wins a prize)

2. Set the expectation with clients in their agreement that if they’re satisfied with your service, you’ll be asking them for a review in the future (this makes asking for a review feel less icky for your team)

3. Make it easy for your team to request reviews by creating a Google Reviews request process, which includes suggested conversation/email / SMS wording

4. Maximise the chance of a ‘yes’ by timing the moment of asking for a Google review with a peak moment in your client experience

5. Ask someone if they’re happy to give you a review before you send them the link (harness people’s ‘consistency bias’). And never send a blanket email to a group of clients; always make it personal

6. Remove friction for people by sending them a link that goes straight to your Google Review page (DM me if you need help finding this one)

7. Help people overcome their writer’s block by giving them some questions to answer in the review (What do you like about working with us? What difference have we made to your life? What makes us different from other professionals you have worked with?)

8. Don’t just limit Google Review requests to your clients. You have a bunch of product providers, referral partners (and their teams) and ‘pro bono’ beneficiaries of your goodness who love your business and would be happy to share these feelings publicly

9. Share positive reviews with your team during WIP meetings or via email, to help them feel the full impact of the great work they’re doing

10. Have a Google Reviews QR code on display in your office or meeting room, as a conversation starter with your clients and a simple way for them to leave you a review.

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