There’s Gold in Your Current Frustration

When you’re looking to change your direction in life or work, it’s natural to gravitate towards the things you’re good at and the things you love doing.

But don’t discount the gold that’s sitting behind your current moments of frustration. These low points are often giving you deeper and more powerful clues as to where your essence is being compromised and shut off from the full extent of its awesomeness.

Find something that’s really annoying you in your life or work, work out why it’s frustrating you so much, and then flip this into something you value or want more of in your life. This is now something that needs to be built into your new plan.

There are gifts, clues and future steps that sit behind every step you’ve already taken.

Your current pain is your real self trying to send you a message about what you need and want – meaningful change happens when you start listening and taking action.