What Restaurants Can Teach Us About The Client Experience

It feels great to be told ‘excellent choice’ by the waiter or waitress when you order a meal at a restaurant.

They may have been trained to say that to you and even if they weren’t, you have no idea if their tastebuds are similar to yours. But for some reason, at that moment, you feel slightly proud of yourself for making a sound decision.

I think it speaks to the feeling of insecurity we all have about the decisions we make.

Have I just wasted my money?

Am I going to regret this?

Was there a better option I should have chosen?

Whatever industry you’re in, your customers or clients are probably feeling just as insecure straight after they decide to work with you. This is the place where buyer’s remorse is born.

Make sure your team understand the importance of this moment of truth. Deliver a quick win. Reassure your client that you understand them and are intently focused on the things that will make their life better. And during this time, avoid information voids at all costs.

In a smorgasbord of options, give people every reason to realise that they’ve made an excellent choice with you and your business. The quality of your food is only a small part of whether people will enjoy their meal.

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